Merlot wines

Tasting notes and reviews for merlot wines.


Merlot is a dark blue–colored wine grape variety that can be used to produce both blending and varietal wines. Merlot is thought to be a diminutive of merle, the French word for a blackbird, which is most likely a reference to the grape’s color. Merlot is a common grape for blending with the sterner, later-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon, which appears to be higher in tannin, due to its softness and “fleshiness” combined with its earlier ripening.

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Caiarossa "Caiarossa" 2015

Blend of Cabernet Franc / Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah (Shiraz) / Sangiovese / Petit Verdot / Alicante

Vibrant and warm. Fruity.

Chateau Clinet - 2015

Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Cabernet Franc

Elegant. Fruity at first evolving into deeper, toasty notes.