Mylonas "Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria" 2019

Blend of Merlot / Agiorgitiko / Mandilaria
A still red wine from the Attica region of Greece.

Juicy & balsamic. Raspberry & tarragon.

Tasting Notes

The Merlot - Agirgitiko - Malandaria 2019 from Mylonas estate has a deep ruby coulour.

On the nose it’s juicy & balsamic with raspberry and tarragon and a hint of vanilla.

On the mouth it’s round with integrated tannins.

The finish is medium long.

Score 89

My score / points

Mylonas "Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria" 2019
Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria (2019) Review
Estate making Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria Estate Mylonas
Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria (2019) Label Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria
Style of Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria Style Red & Still
Country of Mylonas Country Greece
Region of Mylonas Region Attica
Grape blend of Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria Grapes Merlot, Agiorgitiko, Mandilaria
Vintage of Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria Vintage 2019
My review of Merlot-Agiorgitiko-Malandaria Points

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Mylonas is a small winery, producing just under 100k bottle per year. They are based in Attica, Greece.

Stamatis Mylonas and his brothers took the winery over from their dad. Stamatis had studied oenology and chemistry and started experimenting and pushing boundaries. Yet, the new vision for the family winery still at its very centre Savatiano, one of the region indigenous grape variety.

In fact, at Mylonas more than half of the wine production revolves around it.

And indeed they bottle several labels using Savatiano: current vintage wine, late release bottles, they age it in oak to produced yet another label, they add nothing to it and make a natural wine, they let the grapes sundry to produce a sweet version of it, and let’s not forget… they add pine resin to the must and bottled their retsina!

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Dark blue-colored variety of wine-making grape

Merlot is a dark blue–colored wine grape variety that can be used to produce both blending and varietal wines. Merlot is thought to be a diminutive of merle, the French word for a blackbird, which is most likely a reference to the grape’s color. Merlot is a common grape for blending with the sterner, later-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon, which appears to be higher in tannin, due to its softness and “fleshiness” combined with its earlier ripening.

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Agiorgitiko is the most planted red grape variety in Greece. This grape was traditionally grown in the Nemea region, in the Peloponnese. Now, though, it can be found in other regions including Attika (Attica) and Makedonia (Macedonia).

Agiorgitiko is a “versatile” grape that produces very different styles of wine, from light rosés to sweet wines. Yet Agiorgitiko is most associated with a red dry style of wine, either young and jolly or oak matured and aged.

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