Hello people 👋!

Hello people 👋!

Photo by Johny Goerend

Words and wine meet to create this space where I share my thoughts, notes, stories.

Here we go…

It all started in London, six years ago!

I ended up there for love ❤️.

Yeah I really mean cliché, love. I followed my partner there after he landed a software job in a startup. I too, joined that budding startup London scene, now renowned for single speed bikes and flat whites.

London is the capital of hipster coffees

Photo by Wherda Arsianto

So, I found myself in rainy London, on track with a steady job, with my loved one and, thus, bound to find happiness.

Two years in and I had achieved it all, or almost…

  • Moved to London? Check!

  • Got a job in a promising start-up with flexible hours, colourful couches, free food, free Friday beers…? Done!

  • Be with my lover? Yup!

  • Found happiness? Well…

Not exactly

But why?

Why was the equation not giving the expected result?

No worries, you are not in for a soap opera.

I won’t start complaining that my relationship hadn’t turned out to be what I thought, bla, bla, bla. It was way more cliché than that.

It was the greyness. The grey London sky. The grey hue of office Mondays. The grey realisation that I was not that excited about my job.

London can be gray

Photo by Andres Garcia

But, it was all simply too convenient.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t depressed or anything, I was just down.

And then…

My partner came up with the perfect present.

A professional sommelier course.

It was perfect for me indeed. I could indulge in one of my greater vices, I mean passions… yet justify the time spent, the wine drank, the energy conveyed, all in the name of learning.

Wine tasting

Photo by Laura Peruchi

Plus, being a professional course, it was more respectable, it wasn’t an amateur 30 hours affair. It was a solid year long, weekly commitment. It came with books to study, a proper, multiple-phase exam, a blind tasting and all that.

That did it, my excitement was back!

All week I looked forward to the Tuesday evening when the course was on. I was visiting wine shops, organising tastings at home, studying my notes and books.

I was hooked.

And London was perfect for my learning journey, there were industry wine tastings on all the time.

One could attend 4 or 5 wine tastings a week. You could find a tasting on anything, covering wine from any corner of the world. There were vertical tastings, horizontal tastings, perpendicular ones, anything.

Tasting world wines

Well… I followed the course, studied the books, passed the exam (brilliantly ahem 🤓), attended plenty of tastings, met tons of producers, asked countless questions… And in summary, I developed into the taster I am now.

In 2021, we left London and moved back to a southern corner of Europe.

Here, now, I start this blog to share my wine adventures, thoughts and notes.

So, welcome to my wine micro world, I hope you will enjoy it and through it start:

And fundamentally, enjoy wine more.