Understand sparkling wine like a pro!

Picking a sparkling wine can be a bit of a gamble. Labels sound obscure to the uninitiated but they really tell a lot of precious information.

With festivity season around the corner, I decided to reverse engineer sparkling wine bottle labels to help you with your next wine shopping!

Ice cider and food. A new world of pairings.

Cider doesn't often make you think about fine dining experiences. And that's unfortunate!

Yes, there are producers out there bottling top-quality fermented apple juice.

I had the chance to taste some of these prime ice ciders and experiment pairing them with food. It was fun, exciting and surprising!

20s to 30s: the untapped wine market

Socially drinking is one of the most wide-spread habits among young people.

Yet beer or long drinks are often preferred to wine.

Let's look at why that is, and how a new wine startup, Vikarus, is trying to make wine a go-to choice for young drinkers.

Savatiano at Mylonas winery

I finally got to travel again, yuppy! It's liberating and I know many of you will relate to that!

As my first trip, I'm spending some time in Greece. I'm here to explore more indigenous grape varieties.

At Mylonas I got to know Savatiano...

When it comes to wine, size matters - Part II

In my previous post I looked at how the size of the bottle affects the wine we sip.

As per spoiler, part II focuses on other important "sizes" in wine making.

Let's talk about the barrel and the yield today!