Castello di Stefanago "60 Ancestrale Rosé" 2014

100% Pinot noir
A sparkling - naturally sparkling pink wine from the Oltrepò region of Italy.

Complex & evolved. Brioche & raspberry.

Tasting Notes

The 48 Ancestrale Rosé from Stefanago estate has a nice copper colour.

On the nose it’s complex and evolved with notes of brioche and yogurt, raspberry and lemon peel.

On the mouth is very pleasant and elegant with notes of blackberry and raspberry but also a buttery side with fresh croissant.

Score 94

My score / points

Castello di Stefanago   "60 Ancestrale Rosé" 2014
60 Ancestrale Rosé (2014) Review
Estate making 60 Ancestrale Rosé Estate Castello di Stefanago
60 Ancestrale Rosé (2014) Label 60 Ancestrale Rosé
Style of 60 Ancestrale Rosé Style Pink & Sparkling - Naturally Sparkling
Country of Castello di Stefanago  Country Italy
Region of Castello di Stefanago  Region Oltrepò
Grape blend of 60 Ancestrale Rosé Grapes Pinot noir
Vintage of 60 Ancestrale Rosé Vintage 2014
My review of 60 Ancestrale Rosé Points

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Castello di Stefanago

The Castello di Stefanago winery is a little gem in Oltrepò Pavese. They have been producing wines for generations and since years ago they have chosen to go organic. Not only that, here there is a great attention to the preservation of biodiversity. The vineyards are arranged in small plots, spread throughout 135 hectares of meadows, forests, orchards, and arable farmland. To add to the uniqueness of this winery, the cellars are set in a dramatic XI century castle. At Catello di Stefanago they produce natural wine, where the human intervention in the production are reduced to the minimum. While they bottle reds, whites as well sparkling wines, I am personally love their sparkling wine selection.

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Oltrepò Pavese is located in the north of Italy, close to Milan. It is renowned for its long tradition of wine production, which started during the Roman Empire. This region is bordered by Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont and its vineyards are located mainly on the foothills, where they produce high-quality wines. Oltrepò Pavese has been considered the most traditional wine area of this region for centuries.

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Pinot noir

Red wine grape variety

Pinot noir is a type of red wine grape that belongs to the Vitis vinifera genus. It’s also probable that the name refers to wines produced mainly from Pinot noir grapes. The name comes from the words “pine” and “black” in French. The name pine refers to the grape variety’s tightly clustered, pine cone-shaped fruit bunches.

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