Sameirás "Blanco" 2014

Blend of Treixadura / Albariño / Godello / Lado / Loureira / Torrontés / Caíño banco
A still white wine from the Galicia, Ourense region of Spain.

Fresh and moreish. Fennel, bay and cut grass.

Tasting Notes

On the glass the Sameirás 2014 Blanco is pale yellow with greenish hues.

Some tears show a dense, attractive texture.

On the nose it comes through with herbaceous notes of fennel, bay leaves and freshly cut grass.

On the mouth it’s fresh and moreish. The finish is long. A pleasant, citrusy and slightly bitter note persists after sampling.

Sameirás "Blanco" 2014
Blanco (2014) Review
Estate making Blanco Estate Sameirás
Blanco (2014) Label Blanco
Style of Blanco Style White & Still
Country of Sameirás Country Spain
Region of Sameirás Region Galicia, Ourense
Grape blend of Blanco Grapes Treixadura, Albariño, Godello, Lado, Loureira, Torrontés, Caíño banco
Vintage of Blanco Vintage 2014

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Treixadura, also known as Trajadura, is a white Portuguese wine grape variety grown mainly in northeast Portugal’s Vinho Verde wine region and the Galician wine regions of Ribeiro and Ras Baixas in Spain. The grape is primarily a blending grape that gives wines body and light lemony aromas. In Ras Baixas, it is frequently blended with Loureiro and Alvarinho, while in Ribeiro, it is frequently blended with Torrontés and Lado.

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Wine grape

Albario, also known as Alvarinho, is a white wine grape variety native to Galicia and Northwest Portugal, where it is used to produce varietal white wines. Albario is the Galician word for the grape; it is also known as Alvarinho and Cainho Branco in Portugal.

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Godello is a white wine grape variety grown in northwest Spain, specifically in Galicia. The grape variety Gouveio found in northern Portugal is thought to be the same.

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Grape variety

Loureira, Loureiro, or Loureiro Blanco is a white wine grape grown in the Iberian Peninsula’s northwest corner. Galicia, Spain, and Minho, Portugal are included. It is especially grown along the Lima River, a sub-region of Vinho Verde, in the latter.

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Green grape variety

Torrontés is a white grape variety native to Argentina that produces crisp, aromatic wines with mild acidity, a silky texture and mouthfeel, and distinct peach and apricot aromas on the nose. In Argentina, three Torrontés varieties exist: the most popular, Torrontés Riojano, Torrontés Sanjuanino, and Torrontés Mendocino. Torrontés Riojano is the variety used for most Argentine wines simply called Torrontés, and it is the variety that has attracted recognition for the quality of its wines.

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