Querciabella "Batàr" 2017

Chardonnay / Pinot blanc
A still white wine from the Chianti, Tuscany region of Italy.

Rich and deep. Bread crust & wax.

Tasting Notes

Batàr 2017 from Querciabella Estate has a deep golden colour.

On the nose it’s complex and rich with candied lemon, fresh almond bread crust and wax notes. It has also a vegetal note with bay leaf and oregano. It’s sapid, umami almost.

The mouth is round, mineral and sapid. There are notes of bitter almond and a fresh touch with citrus zest.

The finish is long.

Score 90

My score / points

Querciabella "Batàr" 2017
Batàr (2017) Review
Estate making Batàr Estate Querciabella
Batàr (2017) Label Batàr
Style of Batàr Style White & Still
Country of Querciabella Country Italy
Region of Querciabella Region Chianti, Tuscany
Grape blend of Batàr Grapes Chardonnay, Pinot blanc
Vintage of Batàr Vintage 2017
My review of Batàr Points

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Green-skinned grape variety used in wine production

Chardonnay is a grape variety with a green skin that is used to make white wine. The grape variety originated in eastern France’s Burgundy wine region, but it is now grown all over the world, from England to New Zealand. Growing Chardonnay is seen as a rite of passage for new and emerging wine regions, as well as an easy entry into the international wine market.

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Pinot blanc


Pinot blanc is a grape that is used to make white wine. Pinot noir has undergone a point genetic mutation. Pinot noir is genetically unstable, and a point mutation occurs when a vine produces only black fruit except for one cane that produces white fruit.

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