Alpasión "Private Selection" 2015

Blend of Malbec / Syrah (Shiraz) / Petit Verdot
A still red wine from the Valle de Uco region of Argentina.

Deep & complex. Meaty, liquorice, sour cherry.

Tasting Notes

The Private Selection 2015 from Alpasión estate has a deep ruby colour with garnet rim.

The nose is deep and complex with an animal note, liquorice and graphite. Yet the fruit is still very much there with sour cherry and black currant.

The mouthfeel is full, warm and nicely chewy. On the palate it’s juicy but also toasty. It’s sapid.

The finish is long with a dark chocolate and raspberry cake after taste.

Score 92

My score / points

Alpasión "Private Selection" 2015
Private Selection (2015) Review
Estate making Private Selection Estate Alpasión
Private Selection (2015) Label Private Selection
Style of Private Selection Style Red & Still
Country of Alpasión Country Argentina
Region of Alpasión Region Valle de Uco
Grape blend of Private Selection Grapes Malbec, Syrah (Shiraz), Petit Verdot
Vintage of Private Selection Vintage 2015
My review of Private Selection Points

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Wine variety

Malbec is a purple grape variety that is used in the manufacture of red wine. The grapes are known for their inky dark color and robust tannins, and are one of the six grapes allowed in red Bordeaux wine blends. Malbec plantations are now primarily found in Cahors, South West France, though the grape is grown all over the world. It is becoming more well-known as an Argentine varietal.

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Petit Verdot


Petit Verdot is a red wine grape variety that is mostly used in traditional Bordeaux blends. It ripens much later than the other varieties in Bordeaux, sometimes too late, and as a result, it has fallen out of favor in its native land. When it ripens, it adds tannin, color, and flavor to the blend in small quantities. Petit verdot has gained popularity among New World winemakers, where it ripens more consistently and can be made into single varietal wines. It can also be used to’stiffen’ Cabernet Sauvignon blends’ mid palate.

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