Pistis Sophia "Dysnomia" 2020

100% Pergolone
A still orange wine from the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Evolved & mineral.

Tasting Notes

Dysnomia 2020 from Pistis Sophia has a deep orange colour.

On the nose it is evolved with tertiary notes and at the same time rather mineral.

On the mouth the tertiary notes still prevails, it’s warm and grippy with nice tannins.

Score 86

My score / points

Pistis Sophia "Dysnomia" 2020
Dysnomia (2020) Review
Estate making Dysnomia Estate Pistis Sophia
Dysnomia (2020) Label Dysnomia
Style of Dysnomia Style Orange & Still
Country of Pistis Sophia Country Italy
Region of Pistis Sophia Region Abruzzo
Grape blend of Dysnomia Grapes Pergolone
Vintage of Dysnomia Vintage 2020
My review of Dysnomia Points

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Region of Italy

Abruzzo, or Abruzzi, is a southern Italian province with a population of 1.3 million people and a land area of 10,763 square kilometers. L’Aquila, Teramo, Pescara, and Chieti are the four provinces that make up the region. Its western boundary is located 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Rome. Abruzzo is bordered on the north by Marche, on the west and south by Lazio, on the east by Molise, and on the west by the Adriatic Sea. Abruzzo is divided geographically into a mountainous region in the west, which includes the Gran Sasso d’Italia, and a coastal area in the east, which includes Adriatic Sea beaches.

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