Bodegas Piedra "Piedra Roble" 2020

Tinta de Toro / Grenache
A still red wine from the Toro region of Spain.

Juicy & spicy. Red currant & liquorice.

Tasting Notes

Piedra Roble 2020 from Bodegas Piedra has a deep ruby colour.

On the nose it’s juicy and a touch tart with red currant and raspberry. There is also liquorice and a spicy touch that reveals the months in oak.

In the mouth it’s warm and pleasantly chewy, a touch spicy and sapid.

The finish is slightly bitter and nicely toasty.

Score 89

My score / points

Bodegas Piedra "Piedra Roble" 2020
Piedra Roble (2020) Review
Estate making Piedra Roble Estate Bodegas Piedra
Piedra Roble (2020) Label Piedra Roble
Style of Piedra Roble Style Red & Still
Country of Bodegas Piedra Country Spain
Region of Bodegas Piedra Region Toro
Grape blend of Piedra Roble Grapes Tinta de Toro, Grenache
Vintage of Piedra Roble Vintage 2020
My review of Piedra Roble Points

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The barrel "age"

In wine making, the age of the barrel is rather important.

The newer the barrel the stronger will be the influence it has on the wine. It’s easy to understand that as the vintages pass, the wood will become more “neutral” and affect the wine taste and tannin level less.

Since barrels are expensive tools, in wine making there is often a tendency to age a part of the wine in new barrels and a part of it in older barrels. This is a way to keep the cost of the wine making process lower while trying to optimise the amount of flavours and wood quality the wine is exposed to.

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Barrel toasting

For once, in the wine world, ‘toasting’ is not a call to cheer.

When talking about barrels, toasting refers to the step of heating the inside of the barrel before usage.

Toasting barrels triggers a chemical reaction or two and is important for several reasons.

  • It makes the wood more flexible which helps with the shaping of the barrel;
  • It lower the bitterness of the tannins the wood will transfer to the wine;
  • It will increase the mellow, spice and vanilla flavours that many wine lovers associate with oak ageing.

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