Passionate Wine "Torrontés Brutal " 2018

100% Torrontés
A still white wine from the Valle de Uco region of Argentina.

Aromatic, vibrant. Floral, tropical notes and smokyness.

Tasting Notes

The 2018 Brutal from Passionate Wine has a lovely bouquet, it’s very aromatic and shows both floral and tropical fruit notes as well as a hint of smokiness.

The aromatics that are so vibrant on the nose don’t get lost on the palate making this torrontés a great aperitif choice.

The finish is long and austere, true to the orange nature of this bottle.

It spends 360 days on the skin and it shows!

Score 92

My score / points

Passionate Wine "Torrontés Brutal " 2018
Torrontés Brutal (2018) Review
Estate making Torrontés Brutal Estate Passionate Wine
Torrontés Brutal  (2018) Label Torrontés Brutal
Style of Torrontés Brutal Style White & Still
Country of Passionate Wine Country Argentina
Region of Passionate Wine Region Valle de Uco
Grape blend of Torrontés Brutal Grapes Torrontés
Vintage of Torrontés Brutal Vintage 2018
My review of Torrontés Brutal Points

How it's made


This torrontés spends 360 days on its skins.


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Green grape variety

Torrontés is a white grape variety native to Argentina that produces crisp, aromatic wines with mild acidity, a silky texture and mouthfeel, and distinct peach and apricot aromas on the nose. In Argentina, three Torrontés varieties exist: the most popular, Torrontés Riojano, Torrontés Sanjuanino, and Torrontés Mendocino. Torrontés Riojano is the variety used for most Argentine wines simply called Torrontés, and it is the variety that has attracted recognition for the quality of its wines.

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