Vassaltis Vineyards "Nassitis " 2018

Blend of Assyrtiko / Aidani / Athiri
A still white wine from the Santorini region of Greece.

Full and juicy. Quince, chamomile, wet stone.

Tasting Notes

The Nassitis 2018 from Vassaltis Estate has a deep golden colour.

ON the nose it comes across with notes of lemon peel, quince, under ripe mango, nectarine, chamomile, wet stone… It’s mineral and rather sapid. The mouthfeel is rather full and round with a nice freshness.

On the mouth it’s round with notes of chamomile and citrus fruits.

The finish is on the bitter side and medium to medium long.

Score 90

My score / points

Vassaltis Vineyards "Nassitis " 2018
Nassitis (2018) Review
Estate making Nassitis Estate Vassaltis Vineyards
Nassitis  (2018) Label Nassitis
Style of Nassitis Style White & Still
Country of Vassaltis Vineyards Country Greece
Region of Vassaltis Vineyards Region Santorini
Grape blend of Nassitis Grapes Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri
Vintage of Nassitis Vintage 2018
My review of Nassitis Points

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Assyrtiko is a Greek white wine grape, probably the best known variety indigenous to this country. This grape is native to the island of Santorini. Here the soil is arid and volcanic which contributes to Assyrtiko distinctive mineral character.

While Assyrtiko is originally from Santorini, it is now grown all over Greece, from the northern area of Macedonia (Makedonia) to the Attica (Attika) region. Cuttings of Assyrtiko have also made it to the New World and Assyrtiko wine is now produced in Australia and the United States too!

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Aidani is a white grape native to the Greek islands of Santorini and Rhodes.

To be precise I should be talking about Aidani Aspro (“aspro” is Greek for “white”) to distinguish this grape from Aidani Mavro,”Black Aidani” (“mavro” is Greek for “black”).

Aidani Aspro is most commonly blended with other grape varieties, often Assyrtico and it’s rarely vinified on its own. In blends, it tends to add a floral character to the final wine with a light Muscat aroma.

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