Monteversa "Primaversa" 2018

100% Yellow Muscat
A sparkling - naturally sparkling white wine from the Veneto region of Italy.

Aromatic & summery. Elderflower & Yeast.

Tasting Notes

Primaversa 2018 from Monteversa Estate has a bright straw yellow colour and is cloudy.

On the nose, Primaversa 2018 is beautiful, aromatic, refreshing, summery. There are notes of elderflower and lemon verbena, muscat and yellow roses, there is also a rounder, creamy note.

The mouthfeel is dry, the wine is petillant and very nice on the palate. The main note is muscat and yeast and there is a bitter, closing note at the end of the tasting.

The finish is medium long, the wine is refreshing, light and extremely moreish!

Score 91

My score / points

Monteversa "Primaversa" 2018
Primaversa (2018) Review
Estate making Primaversa Estate Monteversa
Primaversa (2018) Label Primaversa
Style of Primaversa Style White & Sparkling - Naturally Sparkling
Country of Monteversa Country Italy
Region of Monteversa Region Veneto
Grape blend of Primaversa Grapes Yellow Muscat
Vintage of Primaversa Vintage 2018
My review of Primaversa Points