Le Palaie "Anc'ora" 2020

100% Trebbiano
A sparkling - naturally sparkling white wine from the Tuscany, Pisa region of Italy.

Evolved and funky. Honey & pineapple.

Tasting Notes

Anc’ora from Le Palaie Estate has a straw yellow colour and a cloudy, milky appearance.

On the nose the bouquet is rather evolved with nail polish and honey but also pineapple and grapefruit.

On the palate it’s rather petillant and shows tertiary notes with nail polish and honey again.

The finish is medium long and pleasant.

Score 87

My score / points

Le Palaie "Anc'ora" 2020
Anc'ora (2020) Review
Estate making Anc'ora Estate Le Palaie
Anc'ora (2020) Label Anc'ora
Style of Anc'ora Style White & Sparkling - Naturally Sparkling
Country of Le Palaie Country Italy
Region of Le Palaie Region Tuscany, Pisa
Grape blend of Anc'ora Grapes Trebbiano
Vintage of Anc'ora Vintage 2020
My review of Anc'ora Points