Anastasia Fragou "Heart" 2020

Savatiano / Malagousia
A still white wine from the Attica region of Greece.

Aromatic & refreshing. White flowers & herbaceousness.

Tasting Notes

Heart 2020 from Anastasia Fragou Estate has a pale greenish yellow colour.

On the nose it’s aromatic with white flowers and herbaceousness.

On the mouth it has a nice freshness and notes of white flowers again, nettle and bitter almond.

The finish is medium.

Score 85

My score / points

Anastasia Fragou "Heart" 2020
Heart (2020) Review
Estate making Heart Estate Anastasia Fragou
Heart (2020) Label Heart
Style of Heart Style White & Still
Country of Anastasia Fragou Country Greece
Region of Anastasia Fragou Region Attica
Grape blend of Heart Grapes Savatiano, Malagousia
Vintage of Heart Vintage 2020
My review of Heart Points

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Savatiano is a white Greek wine grape traditionally used as the base grape for retsina wine.

This grape shows a high drought tolerance. Maybe for that it is one of the most widely grown varieties in Greece, especially in the Attica region (Attika).

Because of the association with retsina wine, Savatiano wasn’t often used to produce wine “on-its-own” so to speak. It was either made into retsina or used to cut a blend and produce loose, unlabelled, table wine.

In recent years things have start to change with a few wineries betting hard on Savatiano. For more information about this, read my article about Mylonas winery!

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Malagousia (aka Malagouzia) is a white Greek wine grape.

In the past it risked extinction. In fact, Malagousia was resurrected only in the 70s and 80s did thanks to Vassilis Logothetis, a professor of oenology, and Vangelis Gerovassiliou, one of his students.

If the Gerovassiliou sounds familiar, it’s because Vangelis is now the owner of one of the best known wine estates in Greece. Of course he produces his own Malagousia!

If you want to read more about Gerovassiliou wine, check out this article and have a look at my review!

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