Giovanni Ederle "Donna Francesca" 2012

Garganega / Chardonnay
A still white wine from the Verona region of Italy.

Mineral and aromatic. Honey, exotic fruit, magnolia flower.

Tasting Notes

On the nose I find notes of honey and ripe fruits, with hints of exotic fruits and fragrant magnolia.

On the palate the 2012 Donna Francesca from Giovanni Ederle is complex and full-bodied, with a chalk-like minerality.

Giovanni Ederle "Donna Francesca" 2012
Donna Francesca (2012) Review
Estate making Donna Francesca Estate Giovanni Ederle
Donna Francesca (2012) Label Donna Francesca
Style of Donna Francesca Style White & Still
Country of Giovanni Ederle Country Italy
Region of Giovanni Ederle Region Verona
Grape blend of Donna Francesca Grapes Garganega, Chardonnay
Vintage of Donna Francesca Vintage 2012

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Garganega is a white Italian wine grape variety that is widely grown in the Veneto region of North East Italy, particularly in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. It’s the sixth most widely planted white grape in Italy. It’s the base of the Venetian white wine Soave, and it’s also a big part of the Gambellara mix.

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Green-skinned grape variety used in wine production

Chardonnay is a grape variety with a green skin that is used to make white wine. The grape variety originated in eastern France’s Burgundy wine region, but it is now grown all over the world, from England to New Zealand. Growing Chardonnay is seen as a rite of passage for new and emerging wine regions, as well as an easy entry into the international wine market.

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