Emeran Reya "Malvasja" 2018

100% Istrian Malvasia
A still white wine from the Primorsak region of Slovenia.

Evolved & full. Tropical fruits & honey.

Tasting Notes

The 2018 Malvasia from Emeran Reya has a lovely golden colour.

On the nose the bouquet is full and evolved with honey, tropical fruits like ripe mango, papaya, guava…

The mouthfeel is full and round with a very lovely and persistent finish.

Score 89

My score / points

Emeran Reya "Malvasja" 2018
Malvasja (2018) Review
Estate making Malvasja Estate Emeran Reya
Malvasja (2018) Label Malvasja
Style of Malvasja Style White & Still
Country of Emeran Reya Country Slovenia
Region of Emeran Reya Region Primorsak
Grape blend of Malvasja Grapes Istrian Malvasia
Vintage of Malvasja Vintage 2018
My review of Malvasja Points