Di Filippo "Malafemmena" 2020

100% Grechetto
A sparkling - naturally sparkling white wine from the Umbria region of Italy.

Funky & complex. Quince & Yeast.

Tasting Notes

Malafemmena 2020 from Di Filippo Wines has an inviting golden colour.

On the nose it’s funky and rather complex. It opens with quince and a yeasty note. It shows golden apple and a floral, round note of honey suckle. There is a mineral side to it with notes of flint too.

On the mouth is round, full and very pleasant with fine persistent bubbles.

Score 92

My score / points

Di Filippo "Malafemmena" 2020
Malafemmena (2020) Review
Estate making Malafemmena Estate Di Filippo
Malafemmena (2020) Label Malafemmena
Style of Malafemmena Style White & Sparkling - Naturally Sparkling
Country of Di Filippo Country Italy
Region of Di Filippo Region Umbria
Grape blend of Malafemmena Grapes Grechetto
Vintage of Malafemmena Vintage 2020
My review of Malafemmena Points

How it's made

Unfiltered, fermentation at 18°C. It matures in stainless steel, bottled for 3 months after re-fermentation It re-ferments in spring, with the addition of fresh must with spontaneous yeast