De Bartoli "Terzavia Metodo Classico" 2017

100% Grillo
A sparkling - traditional method white wine from the Sicily region of Italy.

Elegant & complex. Rasins & brioche.

Tasting Notes

Terzavia Metodo Classico 2017 from De Bartoli Estate has a golden colour and a fine and persistent beam.

The nose is complex and evolved with orange candied peel, brioche and vanilla. There are also some jucier notes of dried apricot and rasins.

On the mouth it’s drier than one would expect given the full nose, it’s mineral and citrusy, yet rasins notes are there too to round things up.

The finish is elegant and dry medium long to long.

Score 91

My score / points

De Bartoli "Terzavia Metodo Classico" 2017
Terzavia Metodo Classico (2017) Review
Estate making Terzavia Metodo Classico Estate De Bartoli
Terzavia Metodo Classico (2017) Label Terzavia Metodo Classico
Style of Terzavia Metodo Classico Style White & Sparkling - Traditional Method
Country of De Bartoli Country Italy
Region of De Bartoli Region Sicily
Grape blend of Terzavia Metodo Classico Grapes Grillo
Vintage of Terzavia Metodo Classico Vintage 2017
My review of Terzavia Metodo Classico Points

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Traditional method

Traditional Method is one of the ways winemakers produce sparkling wines. It’s also known as Classical Method, Méthod Classique, Champenoise Method or Méthode Champenoise.

This wine making process is long and laborious but results in some of the most celebrated wines in the world. Traditional method is used to produce Champagne in France, Franciacorta and Trento DOC in Italy, Cava in Spain….

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