Chatzivaritis Winery "Migma PetNat Rosé" 2020

Xinomavro / Negoska
A sparkling - naturally sparkling pink wine from the Thessaloniki region of Greece.

Fragrant & elegant. Toasted bread & wild strawberries.

Tasting Notes

Migma PetNat Rosé 2020 from Chatzivaritis Estate has a lovely copper colour with a pink blush.

The beam is very fine and very persistent.

On the nose Migma PetNat Rosé is fragrant yet subtle with notes of toasted bread and then raspberry yogurt and wild strawberries. It then shows a citrus side with candied mandarin peel and pink grapefruit and then a rounder marzipan note.

The mouthfeel is very round. On the palate it’s surprisingly savoury but it is then balanced by a soft marzipan note and a subtle, elegant rose petal note.

The finish is lovely and long.

Score 93

My score / points

Chatzivaritis Winery "Migma PetNat Rosé" 2020
Migma PetNat Rosé (2020) Review
Estate making Migma PetNat Rosé Estate Chatzivaritis Winery
Migma PetNat Rosé (2020) Label Migma PetNat Rosé
Style of Migma PetNat Rosé Style Pink & Sparkling - Naturally Sparkling
Country of Chatzivaritis Winery Country Greece
Region of Chatzivaritis Winery Region Thessaloniki
Grape blend of Migma PetNat Rosé Grapes Xinomavro, Negoska
Vintage of Migma PetNat Rosé Vintage 2020
My review of Migma PetNat Rosé Points

How it's made

Maceration takes place over few hours in the press before spontaneous co-fermentation is allowed to take place between Negoska and Xinomavro grapes in INOX tanks. No additions, fining or filtering occur. The wine is bottled while fermenting in order to finish the alcoholic fermentation in the bottle, making it naturally sparkling. It remains in contact with the lees for 6 months in the bottle and then it is manually disgorged. No sulfur is added.


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Xinomavro is a red grape variety from Greece. The name translates to sour-black (“xino” = sour and “mavro” = black).

This grape is widely grown in Greece. It can produce pretty much any type of wine, from rosé to white sparkling wine to red, good-aging wine!

Because of its character, Xinomavro is often compared to Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo. Just like Pinot Noir, it is too a quite demanding grape variety. The terroir and climatic conditions need to be just right for it. Also, the yields per hectare must be kept low to allow Xinomavro to give the best of itself!

Since recent years some attempts of cultivating Xinomavro have been made in Gansu province, in north-central China.

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