Brännland Cider "Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique" 2018

100% Swedish Apple
A still sweet wine from the Northern Sweden region of Sweden.

Evolved yet refreshing. Dried apricot & vanilla.

Tasting Notes

Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique 2018 has a deep copper colour.

On the nose it opens with dried apricot, raisins and walnut. The passage in barrique gives it also toasty notes and a calvados character. And then there is cedar wood and a distinctive vanilla note.

The mouthfeel is surprisingly fresh which balances well the high residual sugar content and suggests it could age pretty well!

On the palate the notes of dried apricot, raisins and walnut are very much back.

The finish is long.

Brännland Cider "Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique" 2018
Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique (2018) Review
Estate making Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique Estate Brännland Cider
Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique (2018) Label Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique
Style of Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique Style Sweet & Still
Country of Brännland Cider Country Sweden
Region of Brännland Cider Region Northern Sweden
Grape blend of Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique Grapes Swedish Apple
Vintage of Iscider Fatlagrad Barrique Vintage 2018

Note that the wines sampled here were provided to me for free, by the producer or a stockist of theirs.


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Brännland Cider

Brännland Cider

Brännland Cider started in 2010 with the dream of making great cider using apples grown in the cold climate of northern Sweden.

Brännland Cider produces artisanal ice cider on the Baltic seaboard of northern Sweden based on 100% apple juice from apples grown in both Northern and Southern Sweden.

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