Anastasia Fragou "Body" 2019

100% Agiorgitiko
A still red wine from the Attica region of Greece.

Juicy with red berries and cherries.

Tasting Notes

Body 2020 from Anasatasia Fragou estate is bright ruby.

On the nose it’s big with red berries and cherries.

On the mouth the tannins are very present but not unpleasantly so.

On the palate it’s spicy and juicy with berries.

The finish is medium.

Score 85

My score / points

Anastasia Fragou "Body" 2019
Body (2019) Review
Estate making Body Estate Anastasia Fragou
Body (2019) Label Body
Style of Body Style Red & Still
Country of Anastasia Fragou Country Greece
Region of Anastasia Fragou Region Attica
Grape blend of Body Grapes Agiorgitiko
Vintage of Body Vintage 2019
My review of Body Points

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Agiorgitiko is the most planted red grape variety in Greece. This grape was traditionally grown in the Nemea region, in the Peloponnese. Now, though, it can be found in other regions including Attika (Attica) and Makedonia (Macedonia).

Agiorgitiko is a “versatile” grape that produces very different styles of wine, from light rosés to sweet wines. Yet Agiorgitiko is most associated with a red dry style of wine, either young and jolly or oak matured and aged.

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