Anama "Single Barrel" 2008

Mavro / Xinisteri
A still sweet wine from the Zoopigi region of Cyprus.

Complex and nutty. Walnut, dehydrated apricot, date, raisins.

Tasting Notes

The 2008 Single Barrel from Anama is complex, sweet but with a nutty, dry character.

On the nose there is walnut, dehydrated apricot, raisins, fig, date.

The mouthfeel is warm and unctuous.

Anama "Single Barrel" 2008
Single Barrel (2008) Review
Estate making Single Barrel Estate Anama
Single Barrel (2008) Label Single Barrel
Style of Single Barrel Style Sweet & Still
Country of Anama Country Cyprus
Region of Anama Region Zoopigi
Grape blend of Single Barrel Grapes Mavro, Xinisteri
Vintage of Single Barrel Vintage 2008

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Mavro is a native red grape grown on the Cypriot island of Cyprus. The dark color of the grape gives it its name. Count Giuseppe de Rovasenda, an Italian ampelographer, refers to it as Cipro Nero in 1877. (Cyprus black). Because of its adaptability to the hot Cypriot climate, it has become the island’s most common cultivated vine. It is home to 70% of all planted vines. Mavro, unlike most mainland European grapes that are grafted on North American rootstock, tends to grow on ancient rootstock. This is due to Cyprus’ phylloxera-free status in the nineteenth century, when the disease devastated most other European vineyards.

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