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The best restaurants in Almeria

A Culinary Tour of Spain's Hidden Gem
The best restaurants in Almeria

Photo by Dina Spencer

Are you looking for a foodie adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more? Look no further than Almería, Spain! Nestled on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this hidden gem boasts a vibrant culinary scene that is sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

As said, Almeria remains one of the least-known towns in the region. This may be due to the fact that there is no major airport nearby, which has limited its exposure to tourism. However, this lack of mass tourism has allowed this town to preserve its pristine character and offer an authentic southern Spain experience at very reasonable prices.

From traditional tapas bars to fine dining restaurants, you’ll find something to please you (and your wallet won’t suffer 😉).

Casa Puga

Start your culinary tour at Casa Puga, one of the oldest restaurants in Almería that has been opened since 1870. Their signature dish is arroz con bogavante, a flavourful rice dish made with lobster and vegetables.

Casa Pulga, Almería

At Casa Puga they also serve a mouth-watering array of tapas. From freshly fried seafood to croquettes filled with creamy béchamel sauce, you’ll find yourself wanting to try everything on the menu. And don’t forget to pair your tapas with a glass of their famous sweet wine, Vino de Albunol, which they source directly from local vineyards. The experience you’ll live at Casa Puga is a truly authentic “tapas tour” one, that will leave you feeling satisfied and very much entertained!

Casa Puga is located in Almeria old town, at Calle Jovellanos, 7, in the centre of Almería.


For a taste of modern, refined cuisine at an affordable price, head to Errante. This restaurant offers both à la carte dishes and a tasting menu, which is an absolute steal at only 40 euros.

The menu changes frequently to showcase the freshest ingredients available, but you can expect dishes like lobster croquettes, red prawn ceviche or rooster with wasabi mayo.

The chef’s attention to detail in every dish is evident in both the presentation and the flavours.

A plate at Errante, Almería

At Errante they also have a sort but interesting wine list. From the bottles they offer, I can highly recommend Petit Blanco de Matasnos, 2021 as a white.

If your meal choice is asking for a red bottle, then pick Semele 2020, a beautiful Ribera del Duero.

You will find Errante at Calle Arqueros, 17, 04008 Almería.

To be sure to find a spot, book a table at +34 699 50 35 57


Travieso is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for innovative and daring cuisine in Almería. The chef, Dani Muzol, has created a menu that is both artisanal and bold. The venue itself is modern, minimal, and elegant, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase the beautiful dishes that Dani creates. Each plate is carefully researched and refined, with a focus on using fresh ingredients to create modern, refined flavors.

Food at Travis

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Almería, then Travieso should be at the top of your list!

And food at Travieso is not the only protagonist of the meal, let’s not forget wine. From their wine menu I can highly recommend Terras Gaudas 2021, a beautiful Albarino blend from Rias Baixas, Galicia.

Alternatively, if you are feeling like red, Emilio Moro 2019 won’t disappoint you!

You will find Travieso at Calle Lentisco, 14, 04007 Almería, Spain.

To be sure to find a spot, book a table at +34 693 94 97 86

I hope you enjoyed this little culinary guide of Almería. The town’s authentic feel and vibrant culinary scene make it a must-visit destination for any foodie traveler. From traditional tapas bars like Casa Puga to modern, innovative restaurants such as Travieso, Almería offers something to suit every taste and budget. I had a terrific time exploring the town’s hidden gems and indulging in its delicious cuisine. I hope you have the chance to visit Almería and experience all it has to offer firsthand!