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Great guide to Athens' finest wine bars

These are the Athens' wine bars you shouldn't miss...
Great guide to Athens' finest wine bars

Sander Crombach

You are in Greece capital and looking for one or two special Athens wine bars? Interested in tasting some of Greece best wines but wondering where? You landed in the right page!

If you watch this space, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of wines of Greece. (In that case, check out my Best Greek wines listicle!)

But back to wine bars… Of course, Athens wine bar scene is huge and is one of the best places where to taste local wine. And I’m not talking about tasting the latest vintage from Alpha Estate or another Biblia Xora or Nico Lazaridi wine. Needless to say, these estates produce fine wines, but you can sample them at any restaurants. You will find these bottles at supermarkets and wine shops, even abroad.

What I’m suggesting here is to taste a special and unique wine, not as easy to source otherwise. I’m talking about small Greek producers, innovative wines, organic and natural bottles, rare grapes

Night life in Athens

Photo by elCarito

Whether you are living in Athens or just planning to stop by, you want some tips on Athens wine bars. I’m here to help!

In the last years, Greece has seen a huge increase in bars and restaurants offering a wide range of wines. And Athens is no exception. There is a lot going on, but I will focus on what I consider being the true gems.

If you are planning a visit to Athens and need help picking a hotel, have a peek at my list of recommendations below!

If you are living in Athens or have booked you accommodation, skip directly to my “Best of Athens wine bar!” list.

Athens: Where to stay!

For some pretty amazing views my suggestions are the Acropolis Vision or the Acropolis View Hotel! From both places you’ll enjoy a stunning view over Athens most famous site. If both hotels are available for your dates you may want to pick based on location. The first is closer to Athens shopping street, Ermou while the second sits very close to the Acropolis museum. Both locations are good!

View of the Acropolis

Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis

Very close to the Acropolis museum is also Noble Suites, a classy hotel with an elegant old-fashioned allure.

Finally, you may be looking for some more space. Perhaps you are working remotely and would prefer a small apartment? In that case I suggest you stay at The Foundry Suites. It’s a range of self-catered accommodations. Plus you will be able to enjoy the lovely communal spaces, the terrace, the garden, yet staying at the heart of Athens!

The Foundry Suites in Athens

Photo by The Foundry Suites

Best of Athens wine bars!

Greece wine scene is diverse, dynamic and buzzing. It varies from established, renown and “safe”, to young, irreverent and experimental. If you are into Greek wine, the most established labels don’t need any introduction to you. If you are new to Greek wine, the most established labels don’t need discovering. You will be able to find them in Greek supermarket or cavas and at restaurants, both in Greece or abroad.

This article is about those Athens wine bars where you will find some pretty special glass of wine. I’m pointing you at a handful of venues that will have Greek wines you won’t find elsewhere. And my experience is, those are the wines you will be craving the most. They are that delicious!

Tanini agapi mou

At Tanini agapi mou they only serve Greek wine.

It is more, they have a huge, huge list of wine by the glass. You will be able to order more than 100 wines by the glass here! Which is something special even for one of the best Athens wine bars!

If you are into wine, but not ready to down (or throw) more than one bottle a night, this is the place to go! You can drink a variety of glasses, sample different wines, explore several vintages and still stand on your feet with little or no trouble! In the process you will be metaphorically travelling Greece. Through your taste buds!

Tanini Agapi Mou in Athens

Photo by Tanini Agapi Mou

Plus, at Tanini agapi mou they focus on independent producers, working according to organic or biodynamic principles.

Yes, organic and biodynamic can be hype words. But they can also mean delicious wines and winemakers who care about and love their produces!

Last but not least, Tanini Agapi Mou serves pretty nice food. Their menu includes small Greek dishes, from cheese platter to cold cuts and small bites. A sharing menu conceived to pair with, well… wine!

Tanini Agapi Mou can be found at the border of Neapolis and Exarcheia, in a characterful part of Athens. The exact address is Ippokratous 91 & Methonis st.

Book via their website before visiting, better safe than sorry as they say!


Oinoscent opened in the middle of the 2008 global crisis which was hitting Greece pretty bad. Almost 15 years after, this venue is still up and running… This is a testament to the quality of the work they do! A cool team of people offering a big selection of wines, more than 1000 labels!

Oinoscent in Athens

Photo by Oinoscent, Athens

At Oinoscent you can taste Greek wines as well as wines from all over the world! And it’s a bit of a bistro too, so you won’t go hungry while studying Greek grapes!

Oinoscent is in the centre of Athens, close to Syntagma square, at 45 Voulis Street to be precise!

You may want to book a table before visiting, to avoid disappointment. You can reserve from their website!


Heteroclito is another great little wine bar. The name is Greek (dah!) and means varied, just like varied is the wine list at this bar. Again at Heteroclito they have a big variety of Greek wine labels. And many of these wines can be tasted by the glass, more than a dozen! Prices are also inviting in general.

Heteroclito in Athens

Photo by Heteroclito, Athens

Plus I haven’t mentioned the picks of the month, where the owners choose two wines to promote and discount!

And of course, at Heteroclito they also offer some nice (Greek) bites to go with the wines… In the Med there is never wine without food!

Heteroclito is found in Athens city centre, a few meters off Ermou, at 2 Fokinos st.

I hope you enjoyed this short guide to my favourite wine bars in the Greek capital, Athens.

Are you planning a trip to Athens? Or are you living there and looking to experiment more with the local wines? Do you mind sharing your favourite venues for wine tasting in Athens? Please reach out on Twitter or Instagram to tell me more about you and your love for wine. It will be great to hear from you!